Nov 292010

Carrots All Seasons Variety

This is an easy to grow variety which never fails in my garden. It follows green leafy vegetables  so the soil is not rich, it’s friable and boosted with a little blood and bone and trace elements.

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Nov 292010


This is not an Australian species of bee never the less it is welcome in my garden.  Recently a group of bees tried to establish a colony in my compost bin but a burst of water was all that was needed to discourage them.  They continued to come and pollinate the flowers.

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Nov 292010

Deciduous Fruit Trees are Blossoming

The spring garden flourishes as we reap the benefits not only of on going successive planting of seeds but also of some winter rain.  Daily we pick green leafy and root vegetables, broccoli and peas which is sufficient to provide for our daily requirements with some over to share.

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Nov 292010

Emporer Mandarins

The citrus trees have produced well this year.  The mandarin tree is close to Chook Heaven and gets small doses of poultry manure all year round.

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Nov 292010


Nothing nicer than Leek and Potato Soup.
Take leeks, sliced potatoes, cloves of garlic, sprigs of rosemary and a couple of bay leaves.
Add a little water.
Cover and simmer until the vegetables are tender.
Whiz in the blender  until smooth.
Serve with a dob of yogurt or sprinkle of Parmesan cheese
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Nov 282010

Big & Little

Priscilla lays a large egg with a light coloured shell.  Bella lays a much smaller brown egg.  Interestingly both eggs have the same sized yolk.

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