May 032017

Today the moon rises over Jan’s Garden at 1.15 pm and is 50% visible.

If planting by the phases of the moon this week Wednesday 3rd May to Thursday 11 th May is the best time to sow legumes, grains, fruits,  flowers and vegetables that produce internal seeds.

Time to sow Coles Prolific broad beans into the G5 Bed

The two fig plants propagated last spring are ready to be transplanted into larger pots.

Lupin Seedlings will be transplanted into the permanent flower bed

The Scarlet Runner Beans sown this time  last year  have done well .

It is a perennial legume which I hoped would begin to flower again last month but it seems to have died back.

Will wait and watch to see if it regenerates later but will sow some seeds in small pots in case it doesn’t.