Feb 012017
Plants enjoy company of others

Togetherness for small plants

I really think that my potted plants are happier when they are placed closely together in groups.

Then again it could be that these small potted plants hear the ABC’s classical music wafting out the nearby window.

After all Prince Charles revealed that not only did he play music to his plants but that he also talked to them and that they reponded by growing prolifically.

That prompted scientists to research this anecdotal evidence and they were astounded by the results.

Some research has suggested that fertilizers and pesticides were not required to make plants grow and be healthy as they could respond to different transmitted frequencies which caused them to grow prolifically.

As kids we know that there are fairies, elves and goblins at the bottom of the garden.

As gardeners with years of experience and entering the realm of old age and wisdom we know that plants respond to our whispers, caresses, and endless streaming of classical music