Feb 212016
Mites? on tomato leaf

Nymphs of Green Vegetable Bug on tomato leaf

It’s at this time of every summer that I throw my hands up in horror and ask,  ” Is it really worth the effort?”

The weather is changable; extremely hot and dry periods alternate with humid cooler periods.

Ants in zucchini flower

Ants in zucchini flower

Ants are harvesting in the zucchini flowers.

The leaves of the beans and zucchini have curled and dried out.  I have killed  quite a few  green vegetable bugs  there.

The capsicum I picked this morning had grubs in it and they had eaten their way across the entire inner surface of the  flesh.

Ladybirds in melon patch

Ladybirds in melon patch

And the tomatoes are infected with some  kind of wilt.

A scout around the garden showed an explosion of lady birds in the melon patch many of which were mating and three kinds of wasps were busily preening the leaves of various plants.

So it’s keep calm and carry on until equilibrium is reached.

Remove the dead leaves and clean up the debris at the base of the plants.

Wait and watch and consider using natural remedies of insect control eg soap solution.

Autumn is just around the corner!