Jan 172016
Paracytic Wasps at Nest

Paracytic Wasps at Nest

In November the paper wasps‘ nests built under the pergola were small.

Now they are quite large and are attended by many wasps going to and fro the garden.

These wasps are beneficial insects in the garden and are non aggressive unless their nest is disturbed which is what happened prior to Christmas when Morland decided to clear the cob webs from under the eves.

Although I had told him not interfere with the wasps’ nests he inadvertantly brought the cob web brush a litle too close to one and was stung several times on the head.

The head was red, spotty and sore  for a while but Stingoes alleviated the pain and there were no after effects.

And yes the nests remain in tact but all who come to the garden are warned that they exist.