May 012015
Bed of Beneficial Flowers

Bed of Beneficial Flowers

This garden bed which is work in progress has previously been dedicated  to providing a variety of plants that flower through out the year.

Bronze Fennel, a perennial  which flowered and stood a couple of metres high from spring to autumn and been cut back and the potted summer flowers have been removed.

The northern border of garlic chives has developed strongly as the bulbs multiplied.

Since the recent planting of Statice, Lavender and  Mexican sage which are perennial, drought tolerant plants I think that the framework of the bed is now right.

Fill in plantings include

  • Wallflowers and Queen Anne’s lace which are biennial
  • Cosmos and Calendulas  which are annuals  and will flower through till next winter
  • Snowdrop bulbs which are perennial and bloom mid winter

The potted spice geraniums are suitable to fill in any spaces as they become available.

This bed should have a low water requirement and provide a range of flowers that attract beneficial insects through out the year.

With a bit of luck it just might lure the Blue Tongue Lizard back next summer.